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Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Strategic Area

Energy – Technology and Innovation
Advanced Materials & Bioproducts




Alberta Innovates
All Weather Windows Inc.
PCL Contractors


Clean Growth Program



CGP Contribution

$ 700,000

Project Total

$ 1,600,042



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Applied Quantum Materials Inc.

Lead Proponent

Applied Quantum Materials Inc.

Project Objectives

The objective of the project is to convert ordinary glass windows into a scalable luminescent solar concentrator (LSC). To do this, the project will develop and integrate nanocomposite coatings that guide light to the windows edge to be absorbed in PV arrays. The goal is to convert ordinary glass windows into a functional energy generation unit that can be integrated into the building’s structure.

LSCs represent an effective way to improve the operating efficiency and lower the cost of PV systems without using complex tracking and cooling equipment. An LSC concentrates both direct and diffuse sunlight and guides it by total internal reflection to PV cells located inside the window frame. The project will incorporate advanced nanomaterials for the conversion of our greatest primary energy source, the sun, into renewable, low carbon electricity and consequently reduce GHG emissions and land disturbances from solar farms. The visionary plan is to convert the passive glass facades of buildings into distributed energy generation units.

Expected Results

This project will produce sustainable low cost, solar energy conversion that can yield near net-zero energy efficient buildings.

The project will result in major reductions in landscape disturbances as building facades are used instead of valuable land for solar farms, and a new source of alternative renewable energy that will lessen the demand for traditional power generation and transmission contributing to major reductions in GHG production.

There will be a potential for exports of advanced materials to the solar glass industry, and expansion of the Canadian industry.

Anticipated Environmental Benefits: Potential GHG reductions and reduced land disturbance.

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