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L2L (London Ontario to London UK)

Strategic Area

Smart Grid and Energy Storage




Gowling WLG
University of Western Ontario


Impact Canada



Impact Canada Contribution

$ 3,150,000

Project Total

$ 3,934,000


London, ON

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London Hydro
Project London-2-London
Impact Canada Initiative
Power Forward Challenge
Video:  Power Forward Challenge

Lead Proponent

London Hydro

Project Outcomes

As part of the Impact Canada Power Forward Challenge , London Hydro partnered with Electron, ENMAX, Guidehouse, Gowling WLG, and the University of Western Ontario to deliver Project London-2-London, which aimed to enable energy data value creation for customers, prosumers, and utilities, while assisting companies to reduce carbon emissions.

Through Project London-2-London, London Hydro and its partners developed and demonstrated a Green Button standard-based open data platform to incentivize customers with distributed energy resources (e.g., EVs, solar) to participate in grid management.

This project served as a use case to demonstrate the value of the Green Button standard by:

  • Improving demand response from aggregated Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and smart-home actions with real time performance data and consumption control via the Trickl mobile app
  • Enabling solar production load matching with EV charging including peer-to-peer trading using ElectronConnect to access community solar
  • Exploring future trading and monetization of environmental attributes from DERs including the carbon offset of EVs based on kilometers driven.

More than 100 customers, and 10 solar asset owners participated in 19 events for energy reduction and shifting consumption during solar generation hours.  Participants gave the pilot a 4 out 5 overall rating, and 90% gained more knowledge about DERs.

“The Power Forward Challenge has allowed the partners to collaborate and create new technology solutions. These include a new Green Button based open data platform and an energy trading marketplace that can help influence future energy markets in Canada and the UK.” – The team at London Hydro

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