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Demonstrating EV Range and Charging Efficiency in a Very Cold Climate

Strategic Area

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstrations




  • ATCO Electric Yukon
  • Carcross Tagish First Nation
  • Cold Climate Innovation
  • Northern Vision Development
  • Yukonstruct


Green Infrastructure



GI Contribution

$ 212,000

Project Total

$ 438,250



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Government of Yukon

Lead Proponent

Government of Yukon

Project Objectives

The main objective of this project is to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) ownership in the Yukon by demonstrating the all-season performance of public charging stations.

The focus will be on integrating fast charging stations in the Yukon, however, the outcomes of the project will benefit all northern regions of Canada.

Three Level III DC 480V EV fast chargers will be purchased and installed in the Yukon. Two chargers will be in the city of Whitehorse and the third will be in the town of Carcross.

Chargers will be monitored for their successes and challenges while operating in cold temperatures. Data and findings will be used to encourage the uptake of EVs in the Yukon and other cold climates.

Expected Results

Results of the project will provide independent data and EV user experiences in a cold climate, as well as proof of fast-charger functionality. This will encourage other communites to move forward with electrification of transportation and expand EV infrastructure in Northern communities.

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