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Community Clean Energy Planning, Training and Implementation Planning in NunatuKavut

Strategic Area

Renewable Energy
Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative




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St. Lewis and Black Tickle, NL

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Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative

Lead Proponent

NunatuKavut Community Council Inc.

Project Objectives

The Nunatukavut Community Council (NCC) is engaging with residents of St. Lewis and Black Tickle to create a community clean energy plan that will support the development of a community-driven clean energy project to reduce diesel use in both communities.

Expected Results

Through community engagement and education, the NCC will identify energy needs of each community and create implementation solutions that meet community energy needs and priorities. In addition to the immediate outcomes and benefits of the project, long term benefits include economic diversification, food security, housing improvements, and revitalization of underutilized buildings in the communities.

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