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Community Clean Energy Planning, Training, and Implementation Planning in Coral Harbour and Naujaat

Strategic Area

Renewable Energy
Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative




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Coral Harbour, NU
Naujaat, NU

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Indigenous Off-Diesel Initiative

Lead Proponent

Sakku Investments Corporation

Project Objectives

Sakku Investments Corp. is engaging with residents of Coral Harbour and Naujaat to create community clean energy plans that will support clean energy projects, provide capacity building opportunities, produce local jobs, and implementation planning to reduce diesel use in each community.

Expected Results

Through community engagement and education, Sakku Investments Corp. will create implementation solutions that meet community energy needs and priorities. Ultimately, this clean energy project hopes to reduce household and public building diesel consumption by 30% or more annually. In the long-term, the development of a clean energy project in Coral Harbour and Naujaat will serve as examples for future projects in Inuit communities across the North.

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