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Canada-China Collaboration on VOC and Methane Emissions Reduction

Lead proponent:  Clearstone Engineering Ltd.
Location: Canada and China
EIP Contribution: $ 1,600,000
Project total:  $ 2,135,000
Strategic Area:  Methane and VOC Emissions

Project Objectives:

This project’s goal is to demonstrate technologies and practices for the detection, quantification and reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Methane emissions in the upstream oil and gas sector. 

The project will consist of 3 main tasks: 

Measurement programs to verify and establish the performance of clean technologies.  This will be a series of projects spanning the duration of the initiative, demonstrating Canadian and Chinese clean technologies applicable to the oil and natural gas industry. 

Measurement, report and and verification initiatives.  This is where the project will work on the development of emissions factors in support of China’s GHG, VOC, and air quality management plan, along with development of emissions estimation and reporting tools. 

Training and knowledge dissemination.  The project will delivery on training programs, workshop and tours.

Expected Results:

It is expected that Canadian world-class expertise in emissions reduction could expose China to new Canadian technologies as well as GHG emission assessment, measurement and reporting methods in reducing air emissions in the oil and gas sector.

Project Partners:

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Energy Research Institute
China Academy of Environment Planning
China Ministry of Environmental Protection

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