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Major Projects Inventory

Natural Resources Canada’s Major Projects Inventory published annually, provides a snapshot of major natural resource projects in Canada that are either currently under construction or are planned within the next 10 years.

The inventory includes major projects that increase, extend or improve natural resource production in Canada, including new extraction projects, infrastructure projects, major processing facilities and large expansion projects. In addition, the inventory includes information on the value, timing and geographic location of projects.

To be included in the inventory, projects in the energy and mining sectors must meet a minimum capital worth threshold of $50 million and electricity and forest sector projects must meet a threshold of $20 million. Also included in the inventory are clean energy and clean technology projects, which must meet a minimum capital worth threshold of $10 million.

See the inventory on a map

Visit the Open Maps Layer for the Major Projects Inventory to see where major natural resource projects are currently under construction or planned in the next 10 years.

The report includes information current at the time of publication. While effort is made to maintain a comprehensive project listing, projects are constantly being added and re-evaluated by industry in between the annual updates to the report. It is also possible that not all major projects are included in the inventory, as some projects may not be publicly announced and some project information may not be publicized by companies for reasons of confidentiality.

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