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Indigenous Peoples and Natural Resources

Natural Resources Canada collaborates with Indigenous Peoples in the management of sustainable natural resources. This relationship is empowered by the rights, cultures and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples.

Services and information

Reconciliation and natural resources

Partnering with Indigenous Peoples, communities, and businesses to build an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient natural resource sector in Canada.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act at NRCan

How NRCan is implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act.

Partnering in mining activities

Identifying mining agreements with Indigenous communities in Canada.

Aboriginal land claims boundaries

Affirming our commitment to defining the extent of land negotiated within comprehensive land claims.

National Benefits-Sharing Framework

As part of its commitment to advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, NRCan is developing a National Benefits-Sharing Framework.

Ethics for Research Involving Indigenous Peoples and Territories

Science and research for reciprocal relationships and positive outcomes for Indigenous Peoples.

Modernization of the Canada Lands Surveys Act

Engaging with Indigenous Peoples, governments and organizations on modernizing the Act.

Programs and funding

Clean Fuels Fund - production capacity

Funding for clean fuel production capacity projects led by Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Clean energy in Indigenous, rural and remote communities

Funding to advance climate action through local economic development led by Indigenous communities.

2 Billion Trees

Partnering with provinces, territories, organizations, and Indigenous governments to plant trees over 10 years.

Indigenous Ministerial Arrangements Regulations

Enhancing regulatory efficiency inclusive of Indigenous governing bodies throughout the project lifecycle

Indigenous Natural Resources Partnerships Program

Working with Indigenous organizations to develop natural resource projects that support the transition to clean energy.

Sistering Indigenous and Western Science Program

A paid mentorship program to increase inclusion of women and Indigenous Peoples in scientific disciplines and research.

Trans Mountain Expansion Project Accommodation Measures

Measures developed to address recommendations by and in consultation with Indigenous groups.

Survey Capacity Development Program

The Surveyor General Branch supports First Nation Land Management communities wishing to advance their knowledge and experience in land survey and related areas by providing hands-on in-community training through a catalogue of training options.

Geoscience for the North: GEM-GeoNorth

Our research above the 55th parallel can help you assess the potential of geological and mineral resources, conduct environmental assessments and make land-use decisions.


Honouring the teachings of these lands

Connecting us to Indigenous wisdom across time

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