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Blueprint for wildland fire science in Canada (2019-2029)

Comprehensive wildland fire science can help us be more resilient against wildland fires.

The Blueprint for Wildland Fire Science in Canada (2019-2029) is a 10-year strategic plan for enhancing wildland fire research. It was developed by a team of government, Indigenous, academic and non-government partners from across the country. It identifies research gaps and prioritizes research topics based on input from experts and other stakeholders.

Research themes

The Blueprint presents six broad topics:

  • Understanding fire in a changing world by conducting fundamental wildland fire science
  • Recognizing Indigenous Knowledge
  • Building resilient communities and infrastructure
  • Understanding forest ecosystems
  • Delivering innovative wildland fire management solutions
  • Reducing the effects of wildland fire on Canadians


The report recommends a whole-of-society approach to support and enhance wildland fire science and knowledge mobilization:

  1. increasing research and innovation capacity
  2. respecting Indigenous Knowledge
  3. expanding partnerships
  4. sharing governance and coordination.

Enhancing wildland fire science

Preparing for and managing wildland fire events requires evidence-based decisions, policies and practices supported by science and technological innovation.

With climate change altering wildland fire regime, fire weather, and fire behaviour , there is a need to strengthen Canada’s wildland fire science capacity to enhance our resiliency.

Enhanced fire science capacity will help us:

  • understand the ways wildland fire may be changing
  • improve how we respond and adapt
  • improve how we manage forests and wildland fire events
  • improve how we plan and build our homes and communities
  • improve how we prepare for wildland fire-related emergencies.
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