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Boreal forest research

Series of articles assesses the health of Canada’s boreal zone

How do human activities, natural disturbances and climate change affect the boreal forest? What impact do non-native species have on the boreal zone?

To answer these questions and others, researchers from the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada have analyzed thousands of scientific articles and studies. The 11 papers below summarize the findings of the analyses and assess the current health of ecosystems in Canada’s boreal zone.

Synthesizing a large body of scientific literature into this series makes the research more accessible to policy-makers and resource managers and enables them to make better-informed decisions to ensure Canada’s boreal forest remains healthy and sustainable.

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11 articles that review and synthesize boreal forest research

The first paper summarizes the current state of Canada’s boreal zone and puts the remaining articles in context.

Learn about sustainable forestry and Canada’s boreal forest

How sustainable forest management ensures that Canada’s forests are healthy, safe and thriving.

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