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Forest industry and trade

Current lumber, pulp and panel prices

Track weekly prices for softwood lumber, pulp and panel products.

Forest sector funding programs

Find information on federal programs that support Indigenous forestry initiatives, market expansion opportunities, industry transformation projects and more.

Softwood lumber

Learn about the support available to forest industry workers and communities affected by U.S. countervailing duties on imports of certain Canadian softwood lumber products.

Information for importers of Canadian forest products

Read about Canadian forest management and find information for importers of Canadian timber and forest products.

Forest bioeconomy, bioenergy and bioproducts

Discover how Canada’s forests, which are an abundant source of biomass, can be converted into a wide variety of products.

Overview of Canada’s forest industry

Find information about Canada’s forest sector and its transformation.


Forest land

Sustainable forest management
Find out how forest ownership, laws, certification, management and planning support sustainable forest management in Canada.

State of Canada’s Forests report

State of Canada’s Forests report
Read the latest report about Canada’s forests, including information on harvesting, fire and insect impacts, employment and deforestation.

House construction

How Canada’s forest industry benefits the economy
Read more about the forest industry’s economic benefits such as employment and income, as well as how it helps ensure the economic sustainability of many rural communities.

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