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Remote Sensing Educational Resources

Scientists at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) have developed several comprehensive sets of remote sensing training materials
with significant contributions from specialists of different disciplines, and scientists and user agencies in other countries:

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Tutorial
An overview of remote sensing technology at the senior high school or early university level, this tutorial includes topics such as satellites and sensors, microwave remote sensing, image interpretation and analysis, and applications.

Image Interpretation Quiz
This tutorial provides students of remote sensing with a variety of interpretation techniques and concepts, including feature recognition, band combination colour assignments, image enhancements, one and two dimensional histograms, and air photos and satellite image comparisons.

Radar Polarimetry Tutorial
This tutorial introduces principles, technology, and practical applications of radar polarimetry.

Satellite Data Reception Tutorial
Following the path of a satellite image, this tutorial includes satellite tracking, data stream handling and more.

Watching Over our Planet from Space, a Kit for Kids!
An educational kit for students aged 11-15, this kit provides a basic introduction to the nature of satellite imagery and how it can be used to monitor environmental issues.

Copyright Information

RADARSAT images found in this material are copyright of the Canadian Space Agency. Image interpretation and analysis were performed at CCRS, except where noted otherwise. Educators are encouraged to use the material for their teaching needs, but it must be clearly indicated that CCRS is the originator of this material and appropriate credit must be given to the authors at all times. These documents may be reproduced in whole, for training and educational purposes, but not for commercial exploitation. This material is copyrighted by the Government of Canada.

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