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Mining Sector Performance Report

The Mining Sector Performance Report (MSPR) objectively presents a series of economic, social and environmental indicators that help characterize performance trends in Canada’s minerals sector.

The report is published and presented to federal, provincial and territorial Mines Ministers every three years in order to:

  • Provide a common understanding of the sector’s performance based on credible and reliable data 
  • Identify areas with favourable trends and those facing challenges

The MSPR benefits from the insight and guidance of academia, the industry, industry associations, non-governmental organizations, and provincial, territorial and federal governments.

The report focuses on domestic activities of the sector over a 10‑year period with national-level indicators and, when possible and relevant, data by jurisdiction. The report also articulates and describes trends rather than establishing causality among metrics.

The performance indicators are selected on the basis of:

  • International mineral performance reporting practices
  • Input from provinces and territories
  • Consultation with an external advisory committee composed of individuals from academia, the industry, and Indigenous and non-governmental organizations
  • Data availability

Mining Sector Performance Reports

Infographics on Key Facts from the Mining Sector Performance Reports

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