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Instructions for Application for Mobile Process Unit Review

  1. Applicants must submit individual application form F05-MPU (PDF, 569 kb) for each Mobile Process Unit (MPU).
  2. Existing MPU:  Supply photos of all 4 sides and top.  Annotate the drawings or add a diagram of the MPU labelling major components such as tanks, augers and pumps, etc.  A flow diagram may be required for complex vehicles. 
  3. New MPU:  Should have engineering drawings as well as b) above.
  4. Refer to the proper section below of the document “G05-02 Requirements for Bulk Mobile Process Units”(PDF, 369 kb) to help fill out each section.
  5. When filling the form, if a section is not applicable to your vehicle put “Not Applicable” (N/A).

1. Identification (section 6.1.1)

  • Unit number
  • Make, model and year
  • Serial number
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
  • Type of process (ANFO, emulsion pump truck)
  • Type of products made or carried listed by UN classification and total capacity (NEQ kg)

2.  Automotive (section 6.1.2)

  • Mechanical fitness
  • Truck exhaust
  • Protective shields between exhaust and equipment
  • Chassis fuel tanks
  • Shut off valves on fuel tanks
  • Electrical wiring and lighting systems
  • Battery disconnect switch labelled, accessible and within 30 cm of battery

3.  General Safety and Compliance (Section 6.1.3)

  • Fire extinguishers, engineered system and minimum of two 4-A:40-B,C
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) placards
  • Hatch covers

4.  Ammonium Nitrate or AN/FO Bins (Section 6.2.1)

  • AN bins number
  • Carrying capacity (tons or kg)
  • Material used to make the AN bins

5.  Pneumatic AN/FO Transfer Units (Section 6.2.2)

  • Type and size of hose

6.  Explosives Tank (Section 6.2.4)

  • Tank capacity
  • Construction material
  • Standard that the tank meets
  • For new tank:  serial number, manufacture’s design number, third party designated agency

7.  Process Fuel Oil Tank (Section 6.2.5)

  • Tank capacity
  • Shut-off valves
  • Fuel pump and nozzle oil injection system

8.  Gassing Solution Tank (Section 6.2.6)

  • Tank capacity
  • Construction material and details

9.  Other Tanks (Section 6.2.7)

  • Tank capacity
  • Construction material and details

10. Progressive Cavity Pump (Section 6.2.8)

  • Make, type, size and identification no.
  • Type of seals and other features
  • Pump safety systems
  • Pump control program

11. Delivery Hose Reel (Section 6.2.9)

  • Reel and hose size

12. Other Explosives Pumps (Section 6.2.10)

  • Make, type and identification number
  • Pump size
  • Motor type
  • Type of seals and other features
  • Pump safety devices
  • Pump control program

13. Augers (Section 6.2.11)

  • Size and construction materials;  clear area of 2.5 cm offset for bearings
  • Auger location

14. Controls (Section 6.2.12)

  • Electrical standards (EEMAC 4)
  • Location of the controls

15. Hydraulics (Section 6.2.13)

  • Location of the hydraulic reservoir

16. Other Information (Section 6.2.14)

  • Other equipment not on the MPU (portable pumps, dewatering equipment)

17. Send application to:

  • NRCan – Explosives Regulatory Division

588 Booth Street,
Ottawa (ON)
K1A 0E4

Explosives Regulatory Division

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