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Advanced emission control technologies

Project location: CanmetENERGY Ottawa

Timeline: 2 years (2020 to 2022)

Program: Transportation

Project description

A primary challenge in emission control is developing low-temperature catalysts technologies to eliminate methane slip from lean-burn natural gas engines, and black carbon from advanced diesel engines.

Our team is working to invent more efficient, lower-cost catalysts and technologies that will control emissions from advanced lean-burn internal combustion engines (ICEs) fueled by natural gas, renewable natural gas (RNG), or diesel.

To address requirements from industrial partners, we are developing catalysts with high activity, increased hydrothermal stability and sulphur resistance, and are optimizing the use of lower-cost materials.

Our research includes evaluating pollution control technologies at the laboratory bench-scale using simulated exhaust streams with representative concentrations of gas components, as well as using engine tests under real-world conditions.

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