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Development of a Pilot-scale Supercritical-CO2 Brayton Cycle Demonstration Loop

Project Lead:  Olga Dremailova, Marc Wickham, NRCan – Ottawa
Lead Proponent:  Carleton University, Mechanical Engineering
Location:  Ottawa, ON
ecoEII Contribution:  $ 1,440,000
Project Total:  $ 2,234,000
Strategic Area:  Clean Coal & Carbon Capture and Storage


This Project is part of a broader research program, conducted around the world, to develop next generation cleaner coal technology. The Brayton Cycle is one of the potential options being developed as a key, new component in next generation cleaner coal systems. Conceptually, next generation cleaner coal systems offer substantial system size reduction, lower capital and operating costs, and improvement in overall energy conversion efficiency relative to the current first generation fossil fuel technologies retrofitted with carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems.

Next generation systems based on the Brayton Cycle are expected to produce a highly pressurized stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) ready for pipeline transport for storage or re-use, which makes it an attractive and lower cost technology option in the transition to a low-carbon economy.  The above qualities result in systems that can be more easily and economically integrated to a CCS system, than current coal-fired electricity systems.

Project Objectives:

The objective of this project is to construct a 50-250 kilowatt (kW) pilot-scale supercritical carbon dioxide (S-CO2) Brayton Cycle Demonstration Loop for use in future, high efficiency fossil fuel-based or renewable energy based electricity generation systems.  This project is part of a broad research program, conducted around the world, to develop next generation electricity generation technology, including cleaner coal technology, which could be used in combination with carbon capture & storage systems.

Benefits to Canada:

This Project supports the development of clean coal technology for efficient and clean electricity generation from coal, with pipeline-ready CO2 for capture and storage, or conversion and re-use.  This work will help to accelerate deployment of CCS in Canada for reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other air pollutants from coal combustion, reducing the environmental impacts of electricity generation from coal in Canada, thus improving air quality and bringing health benefits to the general public.    

Project Status:

Most of the design of the Brayton Cycle Loop has been completed.  The major components, including control valves, piping material, flanges, and the air-cooled heat exchanger and pump station, and printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHEs) for the recuperator and precooler, the impedance heating system, the container, and the permanent magnet motor assembly have been ordered.  However, some work remains on the piping, instrumentation, data acquisition and controls, and finalization of the integration of the turbomachinery components with the permanent magnet motor assembly are required.  The Dymola model of the Brayton Cycle Loop is basically complete, and includes provision for simulating the necessary control methodologies to operate the loop.

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