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Canadian liquified natural gas projects

There are seven liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects and one infrastructure project in various stages of development in Canada. Cumulatively, these projects represent a possible capital investment of almost $109 billion and a potential production capacity of 50.3 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) of LNG.

All of the export projects are in British Columbia. Additionally, there are four LNG liquefaction facilities, and two LNG import facilities, operating in Canada that serve the domestic market. Most operate at low volumes.

LNG Canada, in Kitimat, BC, will be Canada’s first large-scale LNG export facility once complete, aiming for first exports by 2025. The majority of the other projects target beginning operations between 2027 and 2030.

Projects proposed and under construction
Project LNG Export Volumes, Million Tonnes per Annum (MTPA) LNG Export Volumes, Billion Cubic Feet per Day (Bcf/d)
Export Licence – 40 years
LNG Canada Phase 1
Kitimat, BC
14 1.84
LNG Canada Phase 2
Kitimat, BC
14 1.84
Woodfibre LNG
Squamish, BC
2.1 0.28
Ksi Lisims LNG
Gingolx, BC
12 1.58
Export Licence – 25 years
Tilbury LNG
Phase 2
Delta, B.C.
2.5 0.33
Cedar LNG
Kitimat, BC
3 0.39
Yet to apply for an Export Licence
Summit Lake PG LNG
Prince George, BC
2.7 0.36
Export Licence Not applicable (n/a)
Tilbury Marine Jetty
Delta, BC
n/a n/a
Total 50.3 6.62 
Current Canadian LNG facilities type
Project Operations (Start) and Permit Lifespan LNG and Natural Gas Volumes, Million Tonnes per Annum (MTPA) LNG and Natural Gas Volumes, Billion Cubic Feet per Day (Bcf/d) Market
Liquefaction Facilities
Tilbury LNG
(Fortis BC)
Delta, BC
50+ years
0.03 0.004 Domestic focus on industrial, residential and maritime (ferry) sectors
Mt. Hayes LNG
(Fortis BC)
Ladysmith, BC
50+ years
0.06 0.008 Vancouver Island and serves as emergency reserve
Gaz Metro
Montreal, QC
1976 0.21 0.027 Domestic industrial, mining, road transport and maritime (ferry) sector
Tamaska LNG
Fort Nelson, BC
2021 0.016 0.002 Domestic remote communities and mining operations
LNG Import Facilities
Saint John LNG
Saint John, NB
25 year licence (from 2015 renewal)
6.5 0.86 LNG import facility to serve New Brunswick and U.S. northeast
Port of Hamilton
Hamilton, ON
2020 0 0 LNG import facility for marine (bunkering) fuel, using LNG from Pennsylvania

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