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What is a Service Organization?

A service organization is an independent organization licensed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to use NRCan’s official marks, software and to deliver NRCan’s home labelling initiatives such as the EnerGuide Rating System (ERS) and ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (ESNH).

Service organizations work with builders, energy advisors and homeowners across Canada to assess the energy performance and potential energy savings for homes during the design, construction and renovation stages. Service organizations may also work with provinces, territories, municipalities, utility companies, and other organizations as part of their own home energy efficiency labelling and/or retrofit incentive programming.

While service organizations and energy advisors use NRCan’s official marks and software as well as deliver NRCan’s home labelling initiatives under a licencing agreement, they operate as independent businesses, and are not agents, partners, or employees of NRCan.

At all times, service organizations are required to operate their businesses by adhering to the most current versions of the ERS and ESNH Administrative Procedures and other procedural documents outlined in their licence agreement with NRCan.

What is the EnerGuide Rating System and the ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiative?

The EnerGuide Rating System is a home energy performance rating tool used as part of an on-site home assessment. It estimates the energy use of a house, and provides consumers with information to support new home purchases and energy efficient renovations.

The ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiative was introduced in Canada in 2005. It is a voluntary labelling initiative certifying the construction of energy-efficient homes to the ESNH building Standard. An ENERGY STAR certified home is a home that has been built by a licensed ESNH builder who incorporated energy-efficient features into the home and met the specifications in the ESNH Standard. ENERGY STAR certified homes are approximately 20 percent more energy efficient than those built to the provincial or national building code. The increased efficiency of these homes translates into reduced energy costs for homeowners, reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to become an EnerGuide Rating System or ENERGY STAR for New Homes service organization?

To become a service organization one must:

  • Be an individual or legal entity incorporated or registered in Canada;
  • Show proof of minimum 2 million dollars in liability insurance;
  • Have a minimum of 2 years experience and knowledge related to energy efficiency and building science in the residential housing sector; and
  • Employ key personnel in the organization such as service organization manager(s), quality assurance specialist(s), and energy advisor(s) who have successfully passed the following NRCan exams:
  Foundation Level Exam EnerGuide Rating System Energy Advisor Exam (House) EnerGuide Rating System Quality Assurance Specialist Exam (House) EnerGuide Rating System Service Organization Manager Exam ENERGY STAR for New Homes v17.1 GJ – Energy Advisor exam
Service organization manager (ERS)       x  
Quality assurance specialist (ERS) x x x    
Energy advisor (ERS) x x      
Energy advisor (ESNH) x x     x
Quality assurance specialist (ESNH) x x x   x

IMPORTANT NOTE: Organizations requesting an ENERGY STAR for New Homes licence must hold an active EnerGuide Rating System licence and have a least one qualified EnerGuide Rating System energy advisor, service organization manager and quality assurance specialist and at least one energy advisor and quality assurance specialist who have passed the ENERGY STAR for New Homes GJ – Energy Advisor exam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One individual can serve in more than one role; however, if the quality assurance specialist is also an active energy advisor performing home energy evaluations they cannot quality assure their own files. Files submitted under their energy advisor number and subject to NRCan’s quality assurance conditions must be reviewed and signed off by another qualified quality assurance specialist.

How to request an application?

To obtain copies of the Service Organization Application Guide and the Application Form, please contact us at

What is the deadline to apply?

There is no deadline to apply. You may apply at any time; however, NRCan reserves the right to cancel this process at any time and without notice.

What happens to an Application?

After a service organization application has been submitted to NRCan by email:

  • An email will be sent by NRCan acknowledging receipt;
  • NRCan will screen the application for completeness and review it against eligibility requirements. If the application is NOT COMPLETE, NRCan will return the incomplete application. Only duly completed applications will be accepted for review;
  • NRCan will make reasonable efforts to inform the applicant of its decision within 20 business days from the date the complete application received. The volume of applications received may affect NRCan’s intended response times; and
  • NRCan will inform the applicants of the result of their applications. If successful, applicants will proceed with signing their applicable service organization licence agreement(s).


NRCan does not endorse specific products or services and does not assume responsibility for homeowners’ losses.

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