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ENERGY STAR for New Homes

ENERGY STAR high efficiency - haute efficacité
ENERGY STAR certified home

A home is the largest purchase most of us will make. By choosing an ENERGY STAR® certified home, you will appreciate the difference a home built to a higher standard makes.


Learn about the benefits and features of an ENERGY STAR home

Learn more about ENERGY STAR certified new homes and their valuable features.

Guide to ENERGY STAR certified homes

Discover the requirements needed for a home to receive ENERGY STAR certification.

Maintain your ENERGY STAR home

Tips on how to maintain your ENERGY STAR certified new home.


ENERGY STAR for New Home builders

Become a licensed ENERGY STAR builder for new homes, learn the benefits of building an ENERGY STAR certified home, and find out how to get your license.

Become an energy efficient builder

Become a participating builder in Natural Resources Canada’s energy efficiency initiatives for housing.

ENERGY STAR Canada awards

Apply for the annual awards and get recognized for your contribution to promoting energy efficiency in Canada.

ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard

An initiative designed to encourage energy efficient construction in new housing, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Meet the ENERGY STAR family

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