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Planning and reporting

Openness, transparency and accountability are guiding principles of the Government of Canada. Government information ultimately belongs to all Canadians. In that spirit, and to adhere to requirements of the Cabinet Directive on Regulation, the Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, and the Paperwork Burden Reduction Initiative. Here is planning and reporting information regarding the Energy Efficiency Regulations:

Forward Regulatory Plan

The Forward Regulatory Plan 2024-2026 is publicly available with descriptions of planned or anticipated regulatory changes that Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) intends to propose or finalize during that period. Forward Regulatory Plans are intended to help Canadians, including businesses, Indigenous peoples and trading partners, plan for opportunities to provide their feedback during regulatory development, and plan for future regulatory changes. The Forward Regulatory Plan will be updated over time to reflect new developments, such as progress in regulatory development, or changes to NRCan’s regulatory priorities or its operating environment.

Administrative burden baseline

The Administrative Burden Baseline initiative requires departments to establish a baseline count of federal requirements in regulations that impose administrative burden on businesses. The baseline count of the Energy Efficiency Regulations has been updated for 2022, and can be found on the departmental Administrative Burden Baseline web page.

Regulatory stock review plan

Periodically, NRCan selects regulations for review and provides Canadians an opportunity to participate in the process. NRCan’s Regulatory Stock Review Plan can be found on the departmental Regulatory Stock Review Plan web page and will be adjusted and updated over time to reflect NRCan’s regulatory priorities and changes to the operating environment. At this time, the Energy Efficiency Regulations are not identified for review since the there was a complete repeal and replace in 2016, the regulations have been amended 5 times since, and other amendments are anticipated.

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