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Selection Criteria

Applicants must address all of the criteria listed below and in Section 6 of the Applicant’s Guide in their Project Proposals, providing supporting documentation for all assertions. Note that the description of the individual criteria below are indicative of the factors considered by reviewers, but are not meant to be all inclusive.

Applicants are urged to submit any and all information they feel would be relevant in addressing the criteria in their proposals. Project Proposals will be rated based on the following criteria.

Selection Criteria – Summary

Mandatory Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated by the Program Management Committee using the following mandatory criteria:

  • Is the proponent an eligible recipient for funding under this RPP?
  • Has the applicant clearly demonstrated a minimum contribution of 50% of the total project costs?

Selection Criteria:

Proposals that meet the mandatory criteria listed above will then be reviewed and ranked by a committee of experts using the criteria given in Section 6.2 of the Applicant’s Guide.

Relevance Criteria:

  • Does the applicant have the appropriate governance structure and resources in place to support the activities planned?  (see Appendix 3 section 1 of the Applicant's Guide)

  • Does the applicant have the necessary experience and knowledge required to deliver information, education and outreach activities?

  • Does the applicant’s proposal demonstrate the benefits and outcomes of the project?

  • Does the applicant’s proposal demonstrate how each activity (see Appendix 1, Table 1 of the Applicant's Guide) will be delivered, how it will be managed and coordinated?

  • Does the applicant’s proposal demonstrate how the project’s progress will be monitored and documented, including identifying performance indicators for each activity?

  • Does the applicant’s proposal demonstrate an understanding of potential risks and problem areas and provide a realistic plan for mitigating risks?

  • Are the applicant’s proposed costs reasonable and appropriate, both in terms of costs for each activity and the types of expenses allocated to each activity?

  • Does the applicant’s proposal demonstrate a strategy to sustain the activities beyond the four years of funding?

  • Does the applicant’s proposal for the French hub demonstrate its capacity to deliver on all tasks in both official languages?

Proposal Review and Selection Process

A committee comprised of ecoEAF staff, other government experts and members of the MDIP Advisory Committee will be responsible for evaluating proposals based on the assessment criteria.

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