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ecoENERGY for Alternative Fuels

The ecoENERGY for Alternative Fuels (ecoEAF) Program is closed; the following content is for informational purposes only. The ecoEAF Program’s objectives were to increase alternative fuel stakeholder awareness and access to information on the benefits of alternative fuel options, specifically the use of natural gas in transportation. With increased natural gas use, results could be present in both fuel savings for fleet owners and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

To help achieve these objectives, the Program focused on actioning the following key areas:

  1. Education and outreach:
    • To deliver reliable information, education materials and outreach activities to stakeholders (e.g., end users) including establishing local support networks, provide on-the-ground resources for end users and other key stakeholders, and launching an industry web portal.
  2. Codes and standards:
    • To update and develop codes and standards related to natural gas (both compressed – CNG and liquefied – LNG) vehicles, refuelling stations, technology, etc.; and
    • To harmonize/align codes and standards with those of the United States (U.S.).


Total funding available was $831,393 over four years (until March 31, 2016).


Achievements of the ecoEAF Program include:

  • Development of the Go With Natural Gas Website;
  • Updates to codes related to compressed natural gas  refuelling station installation and natural gas for vehicles installation codes to support natural gas vehicles in Canada
  • Development of new bi-national LNG vehicle component standards to support the automotive industry in Canada and
  • Development of a guideline for Transport Canada’s National Safety Mark (NSM) compliance.

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