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International Energy Agency (IEA) Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems (Annex 47)

CanmetENERGY was an Operating Agent of the International Energy Agency (IEA)-Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems (ECBCS) Implementing Agreement Annex 47, Cost-effective Commissioning for Existing and Low Energy Buildings. The IEA-ECBCS Annex 47 seeks to enable the effective commissioning of existing and future buildings to improve their operating performance. The commissioning techniques developed will help transition the industry from the current intuitive approach to building operation to more systematic operation that focuses on energy savings. More information about Annex 47 is provided below:

We have been deeply involved in several Annexes (i.e., collaborative projects) of the IEA including:

  • Annex 25: Real Time HVAC Simulation
  • Annex 34: Computer Aided Evaluation of HVAC System Performance
  • Annex 40: Commissioning of Buildings and HVAC Systems for Improved Energy Performance

Managed by CanmetENERGY at the Varennes (Quebec) research centre.

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