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Methane Centre of Excellence

The Methane Centre of Excellence (the Centre) is a joint initiative between Natural Resources Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The Centre supports our improved understanding and mitigation of methane emissions in Canada. It will accelerate methane measurement and mitigation through increased government-led research efforts, project funding for Canadian innovators and by connecting Canadian experts to exchange knowledge and expertise. The Centre focuses on key data needs and technology development for the measurement, reporting, verification and mitigation of methane emissions within the energy sector. By innovating solutions and connecting expertise, the Centre of Excellence will support our action on methane mitigation.

Why Methane?

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that is responsible for about 30% of global warming since pre-industrial times. Reducing methane emissions is widely recognized as one of the most effective ways to limit near-term warming. The Government of Canada is committed to reducing oil and gas methane emissions by 75% below 2012 levels by 2030. The accuracy and understanding of how much and where methane is emitted – and that it is reported properly – are critical to achieving methane targets.

Innovating Canadian Methane Solutions

Canadian universities, federal laboratories, clean technology companies and industry have demonstrated global leadership in approaches to detect and quantify methane emissions, as well as technologies to avoid and reduce emissions. The Centre will invest in key areas of innovation to drive Canadian solutions that close gaps in methane data, measurement, and mitigation technologies for hard-to-abate methane emissions sources. This builds on investments that the federal government has made in methane mitigation, measurement and other research through the Clean Growth Program, Energy Innovation Program and other sources.

The Centre facilitates funding to support Canadian innovators.
Methane measurement and mitigation funding call through the Energy Innovation Program. This call will invest principally in projects developing more effective approaches for methane measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), with remaining funding directed to projects focused on the mitigation of methane slip, in Canada’s energy sector.
The Centre facilitates government-led science initiatives to strengthen methane measurement, reporting, verification and data. These efforts will focus on the science necessary to better measure methane emissions, including ground-based measurement campaigns at key sites to inform current data gaps.

Connecting Canadian Expertise

Canada is a recognized world leader in technologies, regulations and reporting of methane emissions. The Centre brings this expertise together to support the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of best practices. It convenes a community of practice to discuss and collaborate on efforts that drive the development, deployment and growth of Canadian methane detection and mitigation solutions.

The Centre hosts a dedicated online Clean Growth Collaboration Community to share information and updates.
The Centre hosts a Methane Speaker Series to exchange new learnings and state-of-the art approaches to methane measurement and mitigation. If you would like to offer a talk or suggest a topic for discussion, please fill out the input form.

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