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Get 50001 Ready Canada recognition with the Ready Navigator tool

The 50001 Ready Canada program recognizes Canadian facilities and buildings that attest to the implementation of an ISO 50001-based energy management system. The program is a self-paced, no-cost way for organizations to build a culture of structured energy improvement that leads to deeper and sustained savings that does not require any external audits or certifications.

No-cost Ready Navigator tool

Central to the program is the 50001 Ready Navigator tool (Navigator tool), which provides step-by-step guidance that helps you implement your energy management system. The Navigator tool, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy was adapted for the Canadian context in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

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50001 Ready Canada

The program provides energy management system benefits:
Improves facility-level energy performance
Greenhouse gas emissions reductions
Savings in energy costs
No-cost for program recognition

Ready Navigator tool

This tool helps improve your facility-level energy performance:
Helps you plan better
Assists with your energy review
Identifies continual improvements
Establishes an effective energy management system
No-cost for use of tool

Become an energy management leader

The Navigator tool includes 25 tasks grouped into 7 categories that align with the ISO 50001 Energy management system standard. Once your facility has embraced the guidance of the 25 tasks in the 50001 Ready Navigator tool, NRCan wants to celebrate your success and recognize you for your energy management leadership! Recognition for 50001 Ready Canada program does not require any third-party audits or certification and there is no cost to applicants.

Participating in the 50001 Ready Canada program allows you to maintain and continually improve your facility’s performance by renewing your recognition annually at no cost. The Navigator tool also provides you with decarbonization management guidance to help you reach your Net Zero goals. This guidance is focused on the organization-level actions that are required to manage energy and energy-related GHG emissions. Following the 50001 Ready Decarbonization Management Guidance is not necessary to obtain 50001 Ready recognition. Explore the Navigator tool today!

To learn more, see the 50001 Ready Canada recognition process and the 50001 Ready Canada recognized facilities list.

Contact the 50001 Ready Team

If you have questions about the 50001 Ready Canada recognition program or the Navigator tool, please contact us at

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