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Departmental strategies

Sustainable Jobs Strategy

Sustainable Jobs Plan and programs supporting Canadians working towards a low carbon future.

NRCan Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Explore the yearly Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy reports.

Carbon Management Strategy

Strategy for Canadian carbon capture, usage and storage industry to realize its GHG reduction and commercial potential.

The Hydrogen Strategy

Plan to power Canada’s low-carbon energy future while positioning Canada to become a world-leader in hydrogen technologies.

National Elevation Data Strategy

Strategy to increase availability and coverage of accurate high-resolution elevation data to support Government of Canada priorities.

Green buildings Strategy

Strategy to find sustainable and comprehensive ways to meet net-zero, and enhancing climate resilience in Canada’s buildings.

National Forest Pest Strategy

Initiative to harmonize and share knowledge and expertise in the complex world of forest pest management.

The Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy

Strategy to develop a shared future vision, common goals and objectives across Canada’s geomatics community.

Decarbonization Roadmap

A national strategy to decarbonize the oil and gas sector while supporting jobs and competitiveness

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