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Nuclear Liability and Compensation Regulations

Enabling Act


Section 26(1) of the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act requires that the Minister review the limit of liability, referred to in subsection 24(1), on a regular basis and at least once every 5 years.


The Nuclear Liability and Compensation Actan Act respecting civil liability and compensation for damage in case of a nuclear incident, establishes liability limits for nuclear installations in Canada.
Subsection 26(2) of the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act requires that the Minister, in carrying out the review, must have regard to:

  • changes in the Consumer Price Index, as published by Statistics Canada under the authority of the Statistics Act;
  • financial security requirements under international agreements respecting nuclear liability; and
  • any other considerations that the Minister considers relevant.

As was done prior to the establishment of the Act and Regulations, Natural Resources Canada will engage with operators, insurers, and technical experts as required in the review of the Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act and Nuclear Liability and Compensation Regulations. NRCan will also consult with international nuclear liability experts, and consider treaty commitments and other international standards/precedents when reviewing the liability limit.

Date of last review or amendment

2015 (pre-assent)

Targeted start for review

February 2021 and currently under review.

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Jamie Fairchild, Advisor
Uranium and Radioactive Waste Division

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