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Lands Surveys Tariff

Enabling Act


The current regulation on Lands Surveys Tariff is outdated and no longer in use. It was identified as a regulation that can be repealed. It was recommended that NRCan maintain it until the department has a requirement to meet the “One-for-One” requirement.


The Canada Lands Surveys Act dates back to 1960 with minor amendments along the way to reflect policy changes. The Act affects land management in Canada’s Northern Territories, on Indigenous lands and in Canada’s Oceans. Territorial devolution, reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, Canada’s extended territory over its Continental Shelf, and digitization have considerably changed the landscape since 1960. The Department started a review of the Act in 2020-2021 that will likely lead to changes in Regulations.

Date of last review or amendment

Not reviewed.

Targeted start for review


Departmental contact

Jean Gagnon
Surveyor General/International Boundary Commission
(343) 292-6642

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