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Acts and Regulations

Oversight of acts and regulations by Natural Resources Canada and the Government of Canada.

List of acts and regulations

View the list of acts for which the Minister of Natural Resources is responsible

Service standards for high-volume regulatory authorizations

See the level of performance that citizens can reasonably expect to encounter from Natural Resources Canada under normal circumstances

Administrative burden baseline

See the Administrative Burden Baseline count annual updates of the requirements in federal regulations administered by Natural Resources Canada that impose an administrative burden on business

Acts and regulations for Treasury Board Secretariat

Read the acts and regulations that the Treasury Board Secretariat follows in order to oversee and establish policies

Regulatory Cooperation Council

Learn about regulatory cooperation on energy efficiency standards, natural gas use in transportation and the classification of explosives

Forward Regulatory Plan and Targeted Regulatory Review

Explore the anticipated regulatory changes or actions that the department intends to bring forward or undertake.

Policy on Providing Guidance on Regulatory Requirements

Explore commitments, practices and tools for providing Canadians and businesses with information and guidance on regulatory obligations to be met

Government-wide regulatory forward planning

Read the anticipated regulatory changes or actions that Government of Canada departments intend to bring forward or undertake

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