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Climate Change Science

Research, data and indicators of environmental change in Canada to inform mitigation and adaptation measures.


Impacts of climate change on Canada’s forests and on how to adapt to changing climate conditions.


Indicators of change along Canada’s coasts, coastal geoscience, infrastructure, and the effect on communities and habitats.


Research and publications on the monitoring and measuring of glacier change, history of glacier decline.

Land cover

When monitored and compared over time, satellite-based land cover classifications at regional, national and continental scales show how Canada’s vegetation, snow and ice cover is changing.


Research on how climate change is affecting permafrost  and impactson northern ecosystems, hydrological systems northern development and infrastructure.

Lake and river ice

The sensitivity of lake and river ice to air temperature makes them useful indicators of climate change in the north.


Snow cover influences climate and affects surface hydrology, ecosystems and biodiversity.

Biophysical indicators

Remotely sensed vegetation and leaf area indices provide valuable information about ecosystem productivity and carbon storage.

Climate change geoscience program

Developing geoscience information on land-based and coastal infrastructure as well as monitoring and assessing key components of the climate system.

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