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Climate change and forests

Climate change is affecting Canada’s forests. It will influence them well into the future. The Canadian Forest Service is working to ensure that our forests remain healthy, resilient and contribute to climate change mitigation.

Impacts of climate change on forests

Climate change is affecting Canadian forests – find out how.

Forest climate change adaptation tools

Explore resources and tools for climate change adaptation in the forest sector including maps, databases, web applications and synthesis reports.

Forest carbon

The net balance of all carbon exchanges determines whether a forest is a carbon source or sink. The carbon source/sink balance is as dynamic as it is complex.

Forest sector climate change mitigation

Mitigating climate change requires action on many fronts, in all sectors of the economy. Forests and the forest sector can make major contributions to the collective effort.

Forest carbon accounting tools

Tools and software for forest resources management, carbon emissions reductions,
national mitigation analyses support, as well as forest policy development and decision making.

Canada’s forest carbon reporting system

Canada’s NFCMARS estimates forest carbon stocks, changes in carbon stocks and emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases in Canada’s managed forests.

Reporting Canada’s forest carbon greenhouse gas emissions

Annual estimates of carbon released and removed by Canada’s managed forests are combined with other economic sectors into Canada’s greenhouse gas inventory.

Estimating forest carbon emissions and removals

The methods used to monitor and report on Canada’s forest carbon balance reflect state-of-the-art science and the best available data.

Canada’s 2 Billion Trees commitment

Planting trees to capture carbon, enhance biodiversity and support human well-being.

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