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Marie-Claude Gros-Louis — generosity in action

March 2022

by Nathalie Chaperon, Communications Advisor—Science Communications Team

International Women’s Day 2022

A biologist by training, Marie-Claude Gros-Louis has worked at the LFC for over 20 years. In 2020, she successfully began a career shift that few public servants make. She stepped from the world of science into the world of partnerships by becoming a liaison for national Indigenous forestry programs.

“I very much wanted to contribute to the development of Indigenous nations. At first, my new position required a lot of adaptation, but I am very proud of what I have accomplished,” explains Marie-Claude, who is a member of the Huron-Wendat Nation of Wendake, located in the suburbs of Quebec City.

Every day, she assists Indigenous proponents in Quebec with their forestry-related economic development projects. Whether it is to refine a project idea, to look for financial partners, to follow the progress of a financed project or to promote it, she adjusts to the needs of the clients and the requirements of the program. Her clients appreciate her willingness to listen and her professional approach.

Compilation of four photos of Marie-Claude: working in a forest, a portrait and as a triathlete.

Marie-Claude Gros-Louis – generosity in action.

Volunteering for science

Although she has left the laboratory, Marie-Claude has not forgotten her scientific skills and capabilities. In mid-March, she will be a judge at the Indigenous Science Fair for the second year in a row. As a judge, she will evaluate the scientific approach and value of participants’ projects. This year, the event is presented by Université Laval and the Quebec Aboriginal Science and Engineering Association, in partnership with the Huron-Wendat Nation of Wendake.

Marie-Claude has been involved with Indigenous youth for many years. While working as a biologist, she participated many times in the Federal Public Service career days organized by Indigenous Services Canada. This activity allows Indigenous youth from all over Quebec to learn about the educational path taken by employees and the various jobs available in the federal government by meeting public servants in their workplace.

Marie-Claude has also been involved in the training of more than 15 students recruited by the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) to carry out forest biology research in the laboratory or in the field.

“I find it important to be involved with young people because they are the future,” she says. “I especially appreciate doing so in a scientific context. For me, technical and human support in the workplace is also part of promoting science.”

Studies, sports and … much more

Her involvement with young people goes far beyond her work; she has offered tutoring in math and French to international students who are in Quebec for a year as part of their high school studies.

Since 2016, Marie-Claude has been a member of the Université Laval triathlon club, where she is also a volunteer. The funds raised by the club support the athletic and academic development of Rouge et Or student athletes.

A woman of heart and integrity, Marie-Claude Gros-Louis of Natural Resources Canada eloquently demonstrates that women’s leadership can be exercised on a daily basis and that it is possible to be an agent of change and a source of inspiration for those around you while still being yourself.

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