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National Benefits-Sharing Framework — Framework outline

Framework origins

In 2021, the Minister of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) was directed to develop a National Benefits-Sharing Framework (NBSF) in his mandate letter as part of its economic reconciliation efforts in the natural resource sector. The draft Action Plan for the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act commits the federal government to recognize and uphold the rights of Indigenous Peoples and ensure there is effective and meaningful participation of Indigenous Peoples in decisions that affect them, their communities, and their territories. One of the Plan’s aims is to develop and implement actions to ensure Indigenous Peoples and their communities equitably and consistently benefit from natural resource development on their lands. It is in the context of those commitments that NRCan is currently developing the NBSF.


NRCan will engage with Indigenous partners, provincial and territorial governments, and natural resources industries to inform the development of a national framework. The process will jointly define the gaps and identify potential solutions to improve the quality and consistency of benefits that Indigenous communities derive from major natural resources projects in their territories. This includes advancing opportunities for Indigenous communities to participate as equity partners in major projects. Learn more about how to participate in shaping the National Benefits-Sharing Framework.

Four pillars

In the spring of 2022, NRCan began an initial engagement phase that focused on identifying the potential scope of an NBSF and associated measures to improve access to affordable capital for Indigenous communities seeking equity ownership in projects. Four pillars emerged as focus points for a national framework: capacity, inclusion, partnerships, and economic benefits to address the barriers preventing Indigenous Peoples from fully benefiting from Canada’s natural resources sector.

A national framework


Learn more about existing initiatives, known gaps, and potential solutions related to all the NBSF pillars.

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