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Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap

Developed in close collaboration with industry, the Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap looks at how to advance the commercialization of marine energy technologies in Canada while ensuring international competitiveness.

A decision-making tool

The Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap provides insights and information to help decision makers identify, evaluate and select the best options for achieving marine technology objectives. It also estimates future market demand and indicates the technologies and processes that will be needed to satisfy that demand. The Roadmap lays out a technology development strategy that will enable utility-scale commercialization of marine renewable energy in Canada by:

  • Defining development timelines and targets
  • Identifying key knowledge gaps
  • Designing strategies for advancing technologies
  • Considering industry challenges and opportunities to accelerate the development and deployment of technologies
  • Prioritizing Canadian research activity in accordance to the above timelines, challenges and targets
  • Determining key technology requirements for the efficient and effective progression of the industry

A proven process

The process for developing such roadmaps is well defined. Through collaborative workshops with key players in the marine renewable energy sector, first a vision is defined and then the pathway to achieving it. Technological barriers and challenges are identified -- along with ways of addressing them.

The Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap is available for download at Marine Renewables Canada.

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