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Polarimetric Workstation Acknowledgements

The polarimetric workstation PWS of the Canada Centre of Remote Sensing has  been initiated in 2000.  We would like to thank all the persons who have been involved in building the PWS. Stefan Nedelcu is thanked for his help in upgrading the PWS since 2008. F. Charbonneau is thanked for his contribution to PWS code implementation and maintenance  between 2001 and 2004 when he was working with R. Touzi as a Research Assistant under contract with TGIS. Aleksandar Jevtic (while he was at CCRS as a coop-student from Waterloo University) is thanked for having adapted the Touzi polarimetric Fortran code (developed from 1988 to 1998)  to the Matlab GUI interface and the development of polarimetric graphic tools under the supervision of John Wolfe while he was at CCRS. PWS includes Target analysis subroutine, which  is an extension of the software “Targ-analysis” developed in 1996 by Dr. R.K. Hawkins, Dr. C. Livingstone, and J. Wolfe. We would like to thank all of them for their contribution.

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