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Clean Power Roadmap for Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada is already on a path to a clean power future - but the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the impacts of climate change means more work is required. The Atlantic Provinces and the federal government have developed a roadmap for how jurisdictions can work together to achieve a clean power future for the region.

Working together to achieve a clean power future

The Government of Canada, with the Atlantic provincial governments and their respective utilities, and with input from the Government of Quebec and Quebec Hydro, who participated as observers, have a vision for an enhanced power grid. This vision could serve as the foundation for a competitive, electrified economy across the region and provide all Atlantic Canadians with an affordable and reliable supply of clean power. This section offers insight into what it means for Canadians.

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The path to net zero

Canada’s goal of net zero emissions in the electricity sector by 2035 and by 2050 across the economy requires using more power generated from non-emitting sources to meet more of our energy needs.

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Prospects for the Atlantic loop

Achieving our vision requires provinces to approach the necessary infrastructure investments from a broader regional perspective. In general, electricity system plans are developed over long time horizons where 2030 is tomorrow, 2040 is near, and 2050 is around the corner.

Challenges and opportunities

The switch to clean power provides many environmental and economic opportunities for industry and the Canadian public, but the switch must also navigate many new challenges. This section explores some of the benefits of clean power, as well as the main challenges faced by the Atlantic Provinces making the switch.

Key principles

The Committee identified seven key principles to guide collective decision-making on potential regional projects. This section explores those principles and what they mean for the clean power roadmap.

Key findings

Modelling and analysis can serve as a prudent exercise in ‘future proofing’ the Atlantic grid and can assist policy-makers, utilities, regulators and investors in making informed decisions about future infrastructure investments. This sections offers insight into the key findings based on the results of modelling and analysis.

Navigating the road ahead

Realizing the vision and achieving ambitious emission reductions targets will require strong commitment and sustained efforts over decades by all implicated jurisdictions. As a next step, Committee members recommend the following six ongoing actions:

  1. Endorsing collective efforts

  2. Advancing priority transmission

  3. Electrification

  4. Financing projects

  5. Regulatory cooperation and innovation

  6. Creating an enabling policy environment

Check out the full Roadmap report to find out more about what these six actions mean for Atlantic’s clean power future.

Looking for more details on the technical basis of the Roadmap?

The technical report is available upon request. Contact the Committee to obtain a copy.

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