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Renewable resource assessment: marine energy

Project location: Manitoba and Ontario

Project lead: CanmetENERGY Ottawa

Timeline: 4 years (2019 to 2023)

Program: Renewable Energy

Project description

Our work in river hydrokinetic resource assessment aims to develop new and improved river hydrokinetic energy resources datasets that can be leveraged by utilities, project developers, academia, communities, and energy planners. These data will facilitate investment decisions for technology demonstration for this emerging renewable energy technology. Our team will develop resource assessment methodologies and validation tools, based on field surveys of potential sites in Manitoba and Ontario, and plans to expand these assessments to other priority regions in Canada following validation.

Key partners: National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Canadian Hydraulic Turbine Testing Centre (CHTTC) at University of Manitoba, University of Ottawa, and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).

Above-water view of a vertical axis turbine.

Figure 1: Vertical Axis Turbine used for Hydrokinetic Resource Extraction. Photo courtesy of New Energy Corporation Inc.

Map of Canada demonstrating the estimated hydrokinetic power across the country, indicated by colour.

Figure 2: Estimated Hydrokinetic Power in Canada

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The map depicts the estimated river hydrokinetic power potential across Canada, denoted by colours corresponding with the legend at the top right of the map. Estimated power potential is measured in Megawatts (MW). The scale ranges from 0-1 MW (blue) to 100+ MW (red). Grey represents no data is available for that region.

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