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Pilot scale operations

CanmetENERGY Devon houses a range of pilot plants to test various processes and conditions for both batch and continuous operation.

Our areas of focus

Our pilot plants include autoclaves of various sizes, hydroprocessing units capable of high temperatures and pressure, batch and continuous distillation, and specific process operations such as solvent deasphalting and froth treatment. Many of our pilot plants are multi-purpose and can be configured in to different process operations. Others can be modified to meet a client’s specific needs. Our staff are highly trained in the execution of pilot scale experiments.

Batch processes

Pilot plant Capacity
PP-03: Laboratory scale coker 250 mL
PP-06: Batch autoclave 500 mL
PP-08: Batch autoclave 2000 mL
PP-10: Batch autoclave 1000 mL
PP-11: Batch autoclave 300 mL
P-108: Low temperature batch autoclaves 1L/2L/4L



Pilot plant Capacity
PP-01: Hydrotreater/hydrocracker 20-400 g/h
PP-05: Resid hydrocracker 400-2000 g/h
PP-12: Hydrotreater/hydrocracker 100-2000 g/h
PP-14: Hydrotreater/hydrocracker (clean service) 1-100 g/h
PP-15: Hydrotreater/hydrocracker and VLE unit 1-100 g/h
PP-19: Hydrotreater/hydrocracker 50-400 g/h
PP-20: Hydrotreater/hydrocracker (clean service) 50-400 g/h



Pilot plant Capacity
PP-04: Continuous distillation (atm or vacuum) 1-8 L/hr
PP-18: Batch distillation  



Pilot plant Capacity
PP-05: Continuous visbreaking 400-2000 g/h
PP-17: Vaccum corrosion test unit 50-500 g/h
PP-24: Solvent deasphalting unit 2-10 L/hr
PP-25: Continuous delayed coker 1 to 10 L/h
PP-25: Continuous soaker visbreaker 0-2 kg/hr
PP-25: Slurry hydrocracker  
Froth treatment 1 BPH

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