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Electricity in Canada

Canada is a world leader in hydro electricity, which accounts for 59.3% of the country's electricity supply. Other sources include coal, uranium, natural gas, petroleum and non-hydro renewable sources.

Factors such as population growth, economic growth and greater use of electrical appliances and equipment are expected to continue to drive electricity demand in the coming years.

North American Renewable Integration Study

The North American Renewable Integration Study (NARIS) is the largest of its kind, exploring the potential to increase integration and transmission of clean power across North America.

NARIS provides a forward-looking perspective on the Canadian and United States power systems from planning through to operation. The study demonstrates how expanding international transmission infrastructure will help both countries meet their shared clean energy and climate goals. It also indicates that by doing so, the system could generate between $10 billion to $30 billion of net value through to 2050.

NARIS provides insights for policy makers on future planning and operation of power systems. A Summary for Policy Makers summarizing these key insights is available at the following link.

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