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Advanced Building Recommissioning Course

Recommissioning (RCx) optimizes existing buildings to improve occupant comfort and save energy.

CanmetENERGY and the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) developed a 3.5-day advanced RCx course for engineers and technicians. This course covers all stages of the RCx process: planning, investigation, implementation, hand-over, and monitoring.

The RCx course is currently being given in Canada. Visit the Canadian Institute for Energy Training’s (CIET) website to see the dates of upcoming sessions.

Training topics include:

  • the system approach
  • efficient methods for uncovering problems
  • working with building staff
  • calculating savings
  • implementing RCx findings
  • updating documentation and providing targeted training
  • applying best practices in on-going commissioning

To practice the principles demonstrated during the course lectures, participants will be given exercises and answer keys.

Target Clientele

The target audience includes experienced individuals in technical positions:

  • continuous optimization (RCx) service providers or recommissioning agents
  • building operators
  • energy managers

Participants are usually engineers with experience in HVAC systems and institutional and commercial building operations.

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