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Carrier emissions rankings and results

Emissions Ranking of freight transportation companies

SmartWay uses fuel, mileage and payload data of carriers to calculate carrier emissions rates using six distinct emissions categories:

  1. Grams/kilometre of carbon dioxide
  2. Grams/kilometre of nitrous oxide
  3. Grams/kilometre of particulate matter (2.5 microns)
  4. Grams/tonne-kilometre of carbon dioxide
  5. Grams/tonne-kilometre of nitrous oxide
  6. Grams/tonne-kilometre of particulate matter (2.5 microns)

How does SmartWay Calculate Carrier Emissions Rates?

Carriers become SmartWay Partners by using a SmartWay Tool to submit their data

The tool calculates company-specific emissions rates according to the fleet category. You can use this information to compare. Shippers can use SmartWay emissions information to compare carriers for contracting purposes. At the end of each year, shippers can calculate their own freight carbon footprint using emissions information from the SmartWay carriers they worked with. You can use this information to compare the activity of your fleet to those of the competition.

SmartWay Partner’s actual emissions rates are never made public. However, SmartWay uses the data to place companies into performance ranges:

  • Top 20%
  • Second 20%
  • Middle 20%
  • Fourth 20%
  • Bottom 20%

Performance ranges are specific to each fleet category, understanding that each fleet category has characteristics that can affect both fuel consumption and emissions. There are separate ranges for each of the eight emissions categories. SmartWay then sets the midpoint of each performance range as the publicly available performance level.

How do Shippers use Carrier Emissions Data?

As a shipper Partner, you use a SmartWay Tool  to submit your data each year. You can directly import information about all SmartWay carriers into your tool, which enables you to compare fleets and evaluate their transportation.

The tool also calculates freight emissions inventory of emissions levels (your carbon footprint) across each of the eight emissions categories according to carrier fleets you use.

View carrier performance rankings by emissions:

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