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SmartWay tools and resources

The SmartWay Transport Partnership provides a range of tools and information to help companies make better decisions about their energy performance.

Access partner user guides, tools and affiliate resources

SmartWay user guides help partners complete their tools and submit their activity data. Affiliate resources include articles and fact sheets about the SmartWay program.

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Tool deadlines and updates

SmartWay partners, due dates, recent updates.

Greening your operation

Carrier emissions, carrier rankings, fleet management, SmartWay webinars, SmartWay Technology program.

Tips for better driving and equipment

Aerodynamics, rolling-resistance tires, idle reduction, cruise control, progressive shifting, tire inflation, tractor-trailer gap.

SmartWay trends and statistics

Annual aggregated data, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, emissions, PM2.5, capacity utilization, average idle hours, fleet-size increase, body type, class 8b truck carriers.

Carrier emissions rankings and results

Mileage, payload data, carrier emission rates, SmartWay tools, carriers, shippers.

Upcoming SmartWay webinars

Aerodynamic drag reduction, Truck tool demonstration, barge tool demonstration, shipper tool demonstration, webinar suggestion.

Use of the SmartWay logo

The SmartWay Transport Partnership logo is a great way to show you are a leader as an efficient and environmentally responsible company. It lets suppliers, customers, investors and the public know that your business goals include a commitment to reduce fuel use and harmful emissions.

To use the logo, you must be a SmartWay partner in good standing – with an approved file or tool submitted by the appropriate deadline.

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