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Residential boilers

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An ENERGY STAR certified boiler, fuelled by gas uses 10% less energy, fuelled by oil uses 4% less energy, on average, than a standard model. Space heating represents 63% of your home energy use and offers the most potential for cutting your energy bill. Saving energy saves money and reduces your carbon footprint.

Key features

  • Provide space heating and hot water, as well as other potential applications such as heating your pool and de-icing your driveway.
  • Distribute heat using radiators or in-floor radiant heating, thus eliminating the need for pre-existing duct systems.
  • Electronic ignition, which eliminates the need to have the pilot light burning all the time.
  • New combustion technologies that extract more heat from the same amount of fuel.
  • Sealed combustion that uses outside air to fuel the burner, reducing drafts and improving safety.
Residential boilers, oil and gas

Start your research using the ENERGY STAR Product Finder tool to find and compare certified boilers. (NOTE: you will be redirected to the US ENERGY STAR website.)

Helpful tips

  • Insulate the hot water pipes.
  • Empty out or “bleed” the air from the radiators once or twice a year so that they can fill fully with water.
  • Vacuum the radiators to prevent dirt and dust from building up.
  • Ensure that the level of water in the expansion tank is correct.


All ENERGY STAR certified products are tested to meet strict efficiency specifications and are certified by an independent third party. They perform the same as or better than standard products without compromising performance in any way

Regulations set the energy efficiency minimum

Gas and oil boilers are subject to Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations, which set a minimum performance standard for their energy efficiency. Electric boilers are regulated only if they are not equipped with tankless domestic water heating coils and, in that case, must have an automatic means for adjusting water temperature. Find details in the Guide to the Regulations.

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.

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