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Internal water-loop heat pumps—commercial

Looking to save on heating and cooling costs?

In Canada, internal water-loop heat pumps:

  • meet minimum energy performance standards set by regulations

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Heat pump technology

Water-loop heat pumps are used to heat and cool commercial buildings. These buildings may have large internal zones that have different space conditioning requirements. The water-loop heat pump system can handle these various loads by allowing simultaneous heating and cooling of different spaces within a building.

An internal water-loop heat pump system is composed of many water-source heat pump units linked by a closed water-piping loop. The water in the loop acts as a heat source and heat sink for each of the heat pump units. Each heat pump unit can meet the immediate heating and cooling needs in its area, exchanging heat to and from the water pipe as required during certain time periods. At the system level, heat recovery is realized because heat from the inner zone (or core area) of the building can be transferred to its outer zone (or perimeter area) by the circulating water.

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Regulations set minimum energy performance

Internal water-loop heat pumps are subject to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations which set minimum efficiency standards. The regulations apply to products that do not exceed 40 kilowatts (135,000 Btu/h) in cooling or heating capacity. The standards help keep inefficient products off the Canadian market.

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