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Energy management for industry

Energy audits, energy management information, ISO 50001 standard, energy benchmarking, energy-management resources.

Conducting an energy audit

Energy savings toolbox, energy audit manual, energy auditing overview, energy analysis method, technical supplementation.

Energy-management information systems

EMIS, performance-management system, EMIS handbook, EMIS audit, implementation, business case, performance reports, planning manual.

Guidelines for Energy Management (PDF, 1.0 MB)

ENERGY STAR® guidelines provide a proven strategy for creating an energy management program focused on continuous improvement of energy performance. The process builds on the commitment organizations make when they become a Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) Leader.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard

Energy-management framework, energy review, energy baseline, action plan, Plan-Do-Check-Act.

Energy benchmarking for industry

Energy performance benchmarking, energy best practices benchmarking, benchmarking guide.

Employee awareness of energy efficiency

Employee support, Team Up! for energy savings, employee awareness program, decrease operating costs.

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