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For manufacturers/importers—EnerGuide

The EnerGuide advantage

The EnerGuide label gives Canadian consumers confidence in your products when it comes to energy performance. EnerGuide applies to major household appliances, and some heating and cooling equipment.

The government-backed label assures your customers that the information about energy consumption or energy efficiency on the label is tested and verified. And, it allows consumers to comparison shop.

The EnerGuide symbol on the EnerGuide label is a registered trademark of the Government of Canada; it cannot be reproduced without permission.

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Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations set minimum energy performance standards for products. The Regulations stipulate which products are subject to EnerGuide, and whether the label is mandatory or voluntary.

Note: It is the responsibility of manufacturers and dealers to meet the labelling requirements set out in the Regulations. Natural Resources Canada enforces compliance with the Regulations.

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