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Energy efficiency in new buildings

Energy efficiency in the buildings sector is essential to address climate change. That is because buildings are a significant source of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

Energy efficiency delivers many other benefits. Buildings designed to use less energy ultimately save money for owners, managers and occupants, including tenants. A commitment to efficient design may also attract investors who value environmentally responsible and sustainable building practices.

Canada’s National Energy Code

Learn more about how the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) improves energy efficiency in new building construction, the Reconciliation Agreement on Construction Codes, saving on energy by building to code, and complying with the code.

ENERGY STAR® multifamily high-rise (new construction) pilot program

Natural Resources Canada is investing in innovative energy-efficient projects and programs to drive economic growth, contribute to our clean energy future, and create quality jobs for Canadians.

The ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-Rise Pilot Program will recognize buildings in Ontario that are designed 15% more energy efficient than those built to the provincial building code and other program requirements. It will also help builders adopt energy efficient practices when constructing new mid and high-rise residential buildings.

For builders and building owners, certification means lower operating costs and higher income due to increased rental value. For homeowners and tenants, it means superior energy performance leading to lower energy costs.

Join the builders in Ontario that have received recognition from the ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-Rise Pilot Program.

Date of construction Builder Building name Building address
2022 Deltera Inc. Delmanor Aurora 25 Butternut Ridge Trail, Aurora, ON.
2024 Molinaro Group Illumina Condominium 500 Brock Avenue, Burlington, ON.
2024 FRAM Building Group 55 Port 55 Port Street East, Mississauga, ON.

Natural Resources Canada has signed a license agreement with EnerQuality Corporation to deliver this pilot program in Ontario, which will test the program’s effectiveness to lay the foundation for possible future expansion.

Learn more about the features and the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified multifamily high-rise building.

Best practices for maximizing energy efficiency

Commit to an integrated design process

The integrated design process takes a holistic approach to design and construction. It relies on every member of the project team working together to incorporate energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable green design features into as many aspects of the building as possible. The process enables the team to optimize systems and minimize operating and maintenance costs.

Invest in energy efficiency early in your building's life cycle

Greater energy efficiency begins at planning and designing, because new construction offers the best opportunity for integrating energy efficiency measures. Implementing energy retrofits in existing buildings is typically a much more expensive proposition.

Strive for high standards of excellence

Consider building to sustainable building standards such as the Canada Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. As a minimum, aim for compliance with the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings.

Include commissioning in your construction plan

Effective commissioning for new buildings will ensure that all building systems function as planned to optimize energy efficiency.

Take the 2030 Challenge

Endorsed by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the 2030 Challenge calls on design professionals to actively engage in lowering fossil fuel use in building construction and operation. The challenge proposes that all new buildings, developments and major renovations be carbon neutral by 2030.

Celebrate your success

Take pride in your energy efficiency achievements. Promote them to make sure that your building occupants and customers know the value of what you have accomplished. Check out their success stories to learn how you can do the same.

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