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Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) offers employees a wide range of career opportunities, fostering meaningful work, and cultivating lasting professional relationships.

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The information on this page applies mostly to indeterminate employees and term employees with terms over 6 months.  Visit the Treasury Board website for information on casual and student employment.

What we do

NRCan is a leader in science and technology and supports research, policy and program advancements in the natural resource sector. Our work spans several areas, including minerals and mining, energy efficiency, wildland fire management, forest research, climate change adaptation, and geospatial research and more.

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Learn more about NRCan’s innovative work on our Simply Science page!

In addition to our scientific work, NRCan employees also contribute to the natural resource sector by:

  • developing agreements and targets with other countries and government departments to fight climate change and increase economic prosperity
  • developing strategic plans that will protect Canada’s energy security and affordability
  • engaging and collaborating with Indigenous communities on major resource development projects
  • enhancing existing tax measures to generate more clean technology investments
  • reviewing Canada’s environmental assessment processes
  • supporting innovation, research and the transition to using clean technologies

Compensation, benefits and leave


When we post a job opportunity, we list its salary range. Most employees receive an incremental increase each year, up to the maximum of the range.

Most public servants are represented by unions and have consistent working conditions because of negotiated collective agreements.

Pension plan

The public service pension plan offers a predictable income for life, at retirement. The pension is calculated based on:

  • age at retirement
  • years of pensionable service (maximum of 35 years)
  • average salary for the 5 consecutive years of highest paid service

The pension is also indexed, which means that for the rest of your life, your pension will increase according to the cost of living.

Your retirement contributions from previous employment may be transferable to the public service pension plan!

If your former employer has an agreement with the government to transfer pension contributions, you will have the option to transfer the actuarial value of the pension you have accumulated to the public service pension plan.


A health and dental plan for you and your family:

  • prescription drugs (reimbursed at 80%)
  • vision care (reimbursed at 80%)
  • medical practitioners (reimbursed at 80%)
  • out-of-province medical expenses (reimbursed at 80%)
  • hospital provisions (reimbursed at 100%)
  • basic dental services (reimbursed at 90%)
  • major dental services (reimbursed at 50%)
  • orthodontics (reimbursed at 50%)
  • disability insurance
  • survivor’s benefits

Leave allowances

  • starting at 15 days of vacation leave per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31), and accumulate annual leave credits based on years of service
  • 15 days of sick leave with pay per fiscal year, with any unused hours carried over to the next fiscal year
  • 5 days of paid family-related leave per fiscal year
  • 2 days of paid personal/volunteer leave per fiscal year
  • up to 18 weeks of paid maternity leave (up to 93% of your salary)
  • up to 37 weeks of paid standard parental leave (applicable to either parent, up to 93% of your salary) OR up to 63 weeks of extended parental leave (if eligible, and applicable to either parent, up to 55.8% of your salary)

Additional paid leave options are also available to employees. These include medical and dental appointments, bereavement leave, and unpaid leave options such as education leave, care of immediate family, or personal needs, based on collective agreement provisions.  Indigenous employees also benefit from paid and unpaid leave options for traditional Indigenous practices.

Workplace culture

We promote your health and wellness both in the workplace and in your personal life. We make resources available to you and to your family members to help you maintain a healthy balance.

  • Accessibility

    NRCan is committed to creating a workplace that is accessible to all.  The Natural Resources Canada Accessibility Action Plan 2022-2025 is a starting point in creating a workplace in which people with disabilities can flourish. 

    We are committed to providing accessibility accommodations to employees as part of our duty to accommodate. Various accommodations are available for employees through the Technology Accessibility Centre and the Accommodation Centre of Expertise.

  • Advancing reconciliation

    Natural Resources Canada’s Circle of Nations community is dedicated to promoting Indigenous history and culture by offering comprehensive education and training from both cultural and economic perspectives. The Circle facilitates collaboration between NRCan teams and Elders, ensuring respectful engagement and a deeper understanding of Indigenous traditions and knowledge. Indigenous employees also have access to an in-house Indigenous Career Navigator.

    In addition to fostering an inclusive work environment, we are committed to advancing reconciliation and partnerships with Indigenous Peoples in the natural resource sector. We practice inclusive recruitment, value Indigenous perspectives and engage with individuals and communities.

  • Bilingualism

    Bilingualism in English and French is a fundamental value in Canada and within the federal public service. NRCan has a Centre of Expertise on official languages that provides support, tools and action plans, in addition to its own language school, to create a work environment favourable, equitable, and inclusive to the use of both English and French.

  • Community

    Working at NRCan, you can connect with colleagues who share your vision, interests or experience. NRCan supports its employee networks and communities to cultivate trusted spaces for all.

    Whether you are Indigenous, a person with different abilities, a Veteran, or a racialized person, one of NRCan’s networks or communities may be a good fit for you!

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Our employees and their immediate family members have free access to our Employee Assistance Program, which provides assistance and support to help manage life’s complexities, including issues with your work, health or life.

    You also have free access to a caregiver support program that offers expert guidance, tools and resources to help solve complex issues associated with parenting and caregiving.

  • Flexible work arrangements

    Our work environment suits employees needs for modern flexible work arrangements and promotes well-being and employee collaboration. Hybrid work is one example, that helps create a balance among employees’ work, personal and family responsibilities.

  • Onboarding

    We are committed to providing our new employees with the best possible support when they join the department. NRCan’s onboarding program provides guidance as you acclimatize to your new workplace.

Training and career development opportunities

Career advancement, professional development, and continuous training are high priorities at NRCan. Employees are encouraged to develop their competencies, and abilities and to acquire new skills to achieve their full potential.

Formal training and career development

We promote and support continuous learning enabling employees to progress professionally and personally. Employees have the opportunity to take a formal education program with varied and flexible options.

Learning experiences

We have a wide array of learning, training, and development options, including developmental programs, learning roadmaps, coaching, mentoring, communities of practice, and employee networks.

Canada School of Public Service

We have a government-wide institution for common and standardized learning that supports public servants through key career transitions, ensuring they are equipped to serve Canadians with excellence.

NRCan Language School

The NRCan Language School provides professional language training services that support English and French language needs for employees across the country. The school supports a consistent approach to language training designed to:

  • develop the bilingual capacity of the organization and its employees
  • empower managers and employees to maintain and use their language skills in the workplace

Job locations across Canada

NRCan has over 80 locations across Canada, and provides job opportunities in several regions.

View NRCan's office building locations across Canada.

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