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Call for proposals for Science & Technology Internship Program – Green Jobs

Status: Open to applications from eligible organizations. 2023-24 applications for employers and youth will open in Spring 2023.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) – Science & Technology Internship Program (STIP) – Green Jobs has launched a Call for Proposals to seek applications from eligible organizations to deliver youth employment programming in the Natural Resources Sector for fiscal years 2023-24 and 2024-25. 2023-24 applications for employers and youth will open in Spring 2023.

STIP – Green Jobs as part of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS), provides funding to employers in the Natural Resources Sectors, to hire and mentor eligible youth between ages 15-30 (inclusive) for internships up to 12 months. Additionally, STIP – Green Jobs supports youth training placements that build relevant knowledge and skills for future employment in the Natural Resources Sectors. Initial Recipients are responsible for selecting eligible employers and youth to participate in this program.

Program objectives

The objective of STIP – Green Jobs is to create green jobs and training opportunities for youth to gain hands-on experience through on the job training and mentorship in the Natural Resources Sectors (e.g., energy, forestry, mining and earth sciences), including clean technology that advance environmental outcomes and support the transition to a low-carbon economy. STIP – Green Jobs supports the mandate of Natural Resources Canada, and implements the modernized Youth Employment and Skills Strategy by better serving youth across Canada, in particular youth from Employment Equity Groups (i.e., women, Indigenous youth, visible minorities, or youth living with disabilities), and youth experiencing barriers to employment opportunities, such as youth living in northern and remote communities.

Who can apply?

Eligible Initial Recipient applicants include:

  • Not-for-profit organizations (including voluntary organizations and foundations);
  • For-profit organizations, provided that the nature and intent of the activity is non-commercial, not intended to generate profit, and supports program priorities and objectives;
  • Indigenous organizations (including Band Councils, Tribal Councils and self-government entities);
  • Provincial and territorial governments, institutions, agencies and Crown Corporations;
  • Municipal governments; or,
  • Public health, educational and cultural organizations.

Eligible Initial Recipient applicants:

  • have knowledge and networks in the Natural Resources Sectors. This includes sectors pertaining to mines, minerals, forests and forestry, earth sciences and energy, including energy developed from renewable resources such as water, solar, wind and forest resources;
  • are recognized as professional organizations in their respective fields, with the governance structure, staff, and networks that make them good candidates to best deliver this initiative;
  • are legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada; and
  • are able to target and select youth, with emphasis on those in Employment Equity groups (i.e., women, Indigenous Youth, visible minorities, youth living with disabilities,) and youth experiencing barriers to employment (e.g. youth living in Northern and Remote communities).

Initial Recipient responsibilities

The successful Initial Recipients shall be responsible for:

  • evaluating and selecting employers;
  • signing agreements with employers to administer payments, and/or deliver training programs; and
  • matching youth with positions at employers and training with a focus on employment accessibility for all youth (regardless of potential barriers).

Particular consideration should be given to small and medium-enterprises committed to building an inclusive workforce.

Funding for further distribution

STIP – Green Jobs has up to $15M each year for two years (pending approval) starting April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2025)..

How to apply

To request an application package, kindly send an email with subject line:

Request – Application Package - your organization’s Legal Name.

STIP – Green Jobs: STIP/

Application deadline

The deadline to submit a proposal is Wednesday January 11, 2023, at 23:59 Pacific Time.

Additional information

The Government of Canada reserves the right to alter or cancel the currently envisaged process and deadline at its sole discretion. NRCan may also revise the funding available under this call at its discretion.

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