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Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) - Indigenous Stream

Natural Resources Canada recognizes and honours Indigenous knowledge and wants to ensure our policy teams and decision-making reflect the contributions of Indigenous peoples and voices of the people we serve.

Who should apply

The Indigenous Stream of PARDP is designed for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit candidates who possess an undergraduate degree and two years of community experience.

We are also committed to fostering enhanced Indigenous participation within the department.  In the last three years, we have developed the Circle of Nations – which supports the learning of Indigenous cultures, ways of knowing and being; created the Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation team; and, expanded the Indigenous Employees Network, and added an Indigenous Career Navigator.

Applications will open again Fall 2024

Required Competencies

  • Initiative: you identify opportunities, issues, and gaps; proactively act and follow through on work activities to capitalize on opportunities or resolve issues
  • Eager to Learn: you are curious and find ways to learn more about the topics and tasks at hand; or you look for connections and information that help you to better understand
  • Analytical: you ask questions, you think about underlying assumptions, you create, gather and summarize data in all its forms (quantitative, qualitative), you have strong observational skills, you take a critical approach to understanding and solving problems
  • Collaborative: you share information and include relevant parties, you establish relationships that are built on mutual trust and benefit, you seek consensus in a constructive fashion, you value and seek diverse perspective, and you aim to co-create solutions and give credit to those involved in the process
  • Communication: Oral and Written: you breathe life into information to inform the public and engage or support the decision-making process. You have strong oral and written communication skills
  • Respectful of Diversity: you value differences; you seek diverse perspectives; you build on the strengths of others; you find commonalities to achieve shared goals; you share credit and celebrate successes. You understand the importance of truth and reconciliation
  • Humility: you are open to new and better ways of doing things even when you have developed comfort with the current method, and you are aware of and consider the impact of your words and actions on others

Message from co-champion of the PARDP Indigenous Stream

As co-champion of the PARDP Indigenous Stream, I am proud of the steps we continue to take to ensure Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) voices are better represented in our Department's policies and programs. As NRCan’ s flagship recruitment program for policy analysts and economists, PARDP’s Indigenous Stream provides a unique opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become a strong policy analyst or economist and work towards our shared goal of an inclusive natural resources sector..

By creating a unique space for Indigenous knowledge and experience, the PARDP Indigenous Stream helps strengthen Indigenous engagement, consultation, and representation, thereby putting Reconciliation into Action and making positive and meaningful changes for Indigenous communities across Canada. Now, more than ever, we need to ensure Indigenous perspectives are better reflected in the policies that directly impact our communities and advance truth and reconciliation efforts. I am proud of all those who have joined us since the PARDP Indigenous Stream was created and grateful for all their meaningful and valuable contributions to date.

Kimberly Lavoie

Assistant Deputy Minister
Nòkwewashk Sector

Get in touch

Questions about the program or application process? Email us your questions.

We also want your feedback. We want to ensure an inclusive process that meets candidate needs and welcome your suggestions to make this stream even better in the future.

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